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7 Apps for Traveling in Hong Kong: Get THIS Taxi/Bus/MTR/Map Apps Before You Go!

by Ryu_C@Central Lion Rock

What are the travel apps suitable for independent travel in Hong Kong?

"Where can I see Hong Kong's weather forecast for next week?", "Which is the best map APP in Hong Kong?", "What mobile APPs can check Hong Kong's traffic routes?", "What mobile APPs are there in Hong Kong?" Is it necessary to download it?”

These are some of the frequently asked questions on different Hong Kong travel discussion boards. So in today’s article, we also share with you some mobile apps commonly used by local Hong Kong people, as well as some mobile apps that we think are indispensable during travel in Hong Kong. I hope you can quickly find what you need. information.

Of course, our list does not necessarily include all mobile apps that appear on the App Store. Instead, we focus on sharing with you some mobile apps that you can use when traveling in Hong Kong. After all, we have lived in Hong Kong for a long time. Sometimes we think about things in Hong Kong from the perspective of life in Hong Kong, rather than from the perspective of traveling to Hong Kong. So if you feel there is anything missing after reading it, you are very welcome to contact us.

The mobile apps I will share with you today are mainly divided into several main categories, such as: weather forecast, map information, transportation, restaurants and food, travel and shopping, and communication. We will all recommend that you download some important mobile apps in advance, so that you can save more time during your trip to Hong Kong!

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Hong Kong Weather Forecast APP – Hong Kong Observatory MyObservatory

Nowadays, there are many channels to check the latest weather information in Hong Kong. Whether you open the preset weather forecast mobile APP on iPhone or Android, or open the Google or Yahoo news page, you can check the weather forecast for Hong Kong in the next few days. Of course, there is another method that all Hong Kong people will use, which is to open the Hong Kong Observatory’s mobile APP – “MyObservatory”.

We recommend the weather forecast mobile APP "MyObservatory" to you. The main reason is that this is the official mobile APP of the Hong Kong Observatory. It not only has the latest and most accurate real-time weather information, but you can also check the future in this mobile APP. 9-day weather forecast data, temperature and weather changes in the next 72 hours, as well as the latest typhoon warnings, heavy rain warnings, cold weather warnings, etc.

For general Hong Kong travel itineraries, using the MyObservatory mobile APP of the Hong Kong Observatory, you can immediately know whether there will be storms, extreme hot weather, or extreme cold weather in the next few days. Then, based on the latest weather changes, decide whether to change some of the itineraries for outdoor attractions.

In addition, if you come to Hong Kong in March and April every year, and plan to go to the top of Victoria Peak to enjoy the view of Victoria Harbor, you can also refer to the humidity data of the day provided by MyObservatory to determine the chance of heavy fog on the top of the mountain. shrouded. Because the humidity exceeds 80% in March and April, you have a high chance of seeing a blanket of white clouds even when you go to the top of Victoria Peak. During this period, it is more recommended to go to Tsim Sha Tsui Pier to enjoy the night view of Victoria Harbor.

This mobile APP also has a very important function: checking the sunset time every day. If you plan to enjoy the sunset view of Victoria Harbor, you can decide at what time you want to set off to sky100 observation deck based on the sunset time of the day, or take the Peak Tram to Skydeck 428 on the Peak.

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Hong Kong Travel APP Recommended" suitable for free travel commonly used map traffic weather forecast mobile phone APP
MyObservatory of the Hong Kong Observatory is a very important mobile APP during your trip to Hong Kong. (Click on image to enlarge)

Hong Kong map information APPs

In Hong Kong, different companies and organizations have mobile apps that provide Hong Kong map information. For example, the Hong Kong Tourism Board will recommend you to use the mobile APP "Hong Kong Travel Easy", and some travel notes will recommend the use of "Central Plains Map". But for many local Hong Kong people, there is basically no map information APP that provides more detailed information than Google Maps.

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Hong Kong Map APP – Google Maps

Can I use Google Maps while traveling in Hong Kong? sure!

Since Google Maps has undergone several important updates, its current map information functions have become very powerful. For example, if you want to search for the location of Tsim Sha Tsui Pier, the map will not only display transportation arrangements, bus times, transfer stations and other transportation information to Tsim Sha Tsui Pier, but also display convenience stores and restaurants with different cuisines near Tsim Sha Tsui Pier. If you want to arrange dinner today, you can also find the restaurant’s reservation phone number and online reviews, which is very convenient.

I’m not afraid to tell you that even people like me who have lived in Hong Kong for many years still need to use Google Maps. In the past, because I didn’t go to Mong Kok often, I once got lost on Nathan Road in Mong Kok. In the end, I had to open Google Maps to find the entrance of the MTR station.

Hong Kong Travel APP Recommended" suitable for free travel commonly used map traffic weather forecast mobile phone APP
Usually Hong Kong people are accustomed to using Google Map to help with navigation. (Click to enlarge the picture)


The mobile app Hong Kong Travel, developed by the Hong Kong Transport Department, mainly functions to integrate routes of different means of transportation, report real-time traffic conditions of the day, and recommend walking routes in each district of Hong Kong, etc. The design of the entire mobile APP is a bit like Navitime, which is commonly used during travel in Japan. It is mainly used to check real-time railway transportation status, provide route suggestions and other different functions.

This mobile APP is good in concept because it can integrate real-time information on different modes of transportation in Hong Kong into one mobile APP. However, in actual use, problems such as crashes and slowdowns in the mobile APP may occur from time to time due to various reasons. If you need to quickly find the bus route to your next destination, perhaps Google Maps will provide a better experience.

There is another shortcoming of Hong Kong's HKeMobility, which is that Hong Kong's HKeMobility is mainly targeted at Hong Kong drivers. Therefore, a lot of content in this mobile APP is related to driving speed and parking space information. On the contrary, some important information such as nearby restaurant recommendations and store locations will not appear. If you don’t know how to drive in Hong Kong, this mobile APP will not be the most suitable Hong Kong map information APP for you.

Central Plains Map Centamap

Before Google Maps became popular in Hong Kong, most Hong Kong people were accustomed to using Centamap to check the locations of bus stops, restaurants, and different streets. But since Google Map became popular in Hong Kong, basically no one uses Centamap, a mobile app. In recent years, because this mobile APP has not been updated regularly, sometimes there will be problems that cannot cope with some mobile phone systems.

Another reason why Centamap is not recommended is because this map information APP was actually developed by a real estate agency. So when you open the Centamap mobile APP, you will see some information such as "latest residential transaction records", "newly completed residential recommendations" and so on. And for those of you who are waiting for you when you come to Hong Kong for sightseeing... these are very strange and completely useless information. Unless you cannot download Google Maps, we do not recommend you to try downloading this Hong Kong map information APP.

Hong Kong transportation apps

The transportation in Hong Kong is very convenient. You can reach the entrance of most attractions by taking the subway. However, some attractions are actually far away from the subway station. You need to transfer to a bus or minibus from the subway station to reach it. In addition, it is much more convenient to go to certain attractions by bus or minibus than by taking the subway. For example, if you take the subway and need to walk for 5 minutes to reach an attraction, there may be some bus routes that can take you directly to the entrance of the attraction.

Therefore, in addition to the Hong Kong MTR mobile APP that must be downloaded, there are also several transportation APPs that are worthy of your attention.

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Hong Kong MTR route APP – Hong Kong MTR Mobile

MTR Mobile, the Hong Kong subway, is a mobile APP that almost every Hong Kong person will download. It is also the most commonly used mobile APP during your travels in Hong Kong. It may be used more often than Google Maps.

When taking the subway to different attractions, you can open the Hong Kong MTR MTR Mobile to plan a route that will reach you the fastest and with the fewest transfers. For example, if you are traveling from Hysan Plaza in Causeway Bay to Wong Tai Sin Temple, the Hong Kong MTR MTR Mobile can display which subway lines are suitable for you to take, and will also clearly calculate the time and trains required for different routes. Important information such as fares and transfer stations.

Another advantage of Hong Kong's MTR Mobile is that you can find out which attractions each subway station exit is connected to in the mobile APP, so that when you arrive at Wong Tai Sin MTR Station, you can quickly find the exit to Wong Tai Sin Temple. In addition, you can also use the mobile APP to check what stores are in each subway station and which subway station has restrooms, which is very convenient.

Hong Kong Travel APP Recommended" suitable for free travel commonly used map traffic weather forecast mobile phone APP
MTR Mobile, the Hong Kong subway, is a mobile APP that you must download. (Click on image to enlarge)

Check Octopus card balance – Hong Kong Octopus APP

Of course, when taking the subway and planning your trip, you must download MTR Mobile, the Hong Kong subway. To check the balance of your Octopus, in addition to checking the balance at the self-service checking machines at subway stations, the most convenient way is to open the Hong Kong Octopus APP.

The main function of the Hong Kong Octopus APP is not only to check the balance of your Octopus card anytime and anywhere, but also to provide you with discount coupons from different stores. Some large chain stores, such as McDonald's, Starbucks, etc., sometimes provide cash discounts, food coupons, etc. It is a very convenient mobile APP worth downloading.

In addition, the Octopus card company has recently added a new function of "customized card face" in the mobile APP. If you use iPhone Apple Pay to purchase Octopus cards, you can choose some limited card faces with Hong Kong characteristics. Many of the "customized card faces" can be withdrawn for free, so don't miss it!

Hong Kong Travel APP Recommended" suitable for free travel commonly used map traffic weather forecast mobile phone APP
For your travel itinerary in Hong Kong, the Octopus mobile APP is convenient for checkingOctopusCard balance method. (Click on image to enlarge)
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Check the bus route information of Kowloon Peninsula – Kowloon Bus App1933 KMB LWB

The buses running in Hong Kong are mainly operated by two bus companies, namely "Kowloon Bus KMB" which specializes in operating bus routes in Kowloon and New Territories, and "Citybus" which specializes in operating bus routes in Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. .

If most of your itinerary is arranged on the Kowloon Peninsula, the "Kowloon Bus KMB" mobile APP allows you to check the bus routes to different attractions and the bus arrival time. For those who want to take a bus to see the city scenery of Hong Kong, this mobile APP is a must-have travel tool!

Check Hong Kong Island bus route information - Citybus

Compared with the mobile APP of "Kowloon Bus KMB", "Citybus" is a mobile APP that mainly provides bus route information on Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula. The function is similar to the "Kowloon Bus App 1933 KMB LWB". It will also provide information on different bus routes and bus arrival times.

If you are going to Stanley, Repulse Bay, Monster Building and other attractions, there are many bus routes that can go directly to the entrance of these attractions. So we will recommend you to take the bus and download this mobile APP to check the bus route!

Hong Kong Taxi APP – HKTaxi

Compared with other means of transportation, taxi fares in Hong Kong are actually not very expensive. If you don't want to spend time researching which means of transportation to take before heading to your next destination, taxis will be a very convenient option.

Generally speaking, it is not difficult to find a taxi in urban areas of Hong Kong. You only need to wait for a while before you can get on the taxi. There is no need to use this kind of mobile app to reserve a taxi.

However, if you need to take a taxi at 12 noon or 7 p.m., it may be due to the peak hours when taxi drivers take shifts, and it is definitely not easy to find a taxi at this time. In addition, in places such as Victoria Peak, Repulse Bay, and Stanley where the demand for taxis is relatively high, even if you wait for half an hour, there may not be a taxi passing by, so this type of mobile phone APP for booking taxis is particularly important.

The characteristic of the mobile APP "HKTaxi APP" is that the fees and services for taxi reservations are no different from those of ordinary taxis. As long as you enter the starting location, ending location, and the type of taxi you want before departure, a taxi driver will usually call you to confirm within 1 minute, and then the taxi will appear in front of you in about 5 minutes.

Hong Kong Travel APP Recommended" suitable for free travel commonly used map traffic weather forecast mobile phone APP
If you don’t want to spend time looking for a taxi, it is most convenient to use the mobile APP to reserve a taxi. (Click on image to enlarge)

Hong Kong UBER APP

I believe UBER should be familiar to you. Maybe you use UBER services every day, and you have also heard about the competition between UBER and ordinary taxis. In Hong Kong, although taking UBER does not violate any laws, the fare of UBER in Hong Kong is much higher than that of ordinary taxis, and you may have to wait for a long time during peak hours.

Of course, if you want to try riding in a high-end RV such as TESLA or BMW, UBER will be one of the more convenient and easy-to-find vehicles you want.

In addition to UBER, there are many companies in Hong Kong that provide private transfer services connecting different attractions. For example, depart from the hotel to Hong Kong Airport, depart from the hotel to designated Hong Kong Disneyland, or other designated attractions, etc. Generally, a fixed fee is adopted, and each trip can carry up to 6 passengers and 4 suitcases. If you are traveling with a large number of people this time, arranging a private transfer service will be a more cost-effective option.

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Hong Kong Airport Transfer - Hong Kong Private Transfer
If you don’t plan to take a taxi, there are many companies in Hong Kong that provide private transfer services. (Click on the image to learn more)

InquireBathroom location – Toilet Buddy

I believe many people will have the same feeling when they come to Hong Kong: "Why are the restrooms in Hong Kong so hard to find?"

Since Hong Kong's urban design is dominated by high-rise buildings, most restrooms will appear in large shopping malls, as well as in buildings and attractions managed by some government agencies. So you won't see many public toilets appearing independently on a major street.

Based on Hong Kong's legal requirements for the catering industry, most restaurants in Hong Kong have independent restrooms. It can be said that wherever there is a restaurant, there must be a restroom available. However, these restrooms located in restaurants are generally only open to their customers. If you have no intention of spending money and just go to the restroom, I believe the chance of being rejected by the clerk is not low.

Mobile apps like "Toilet Buddy" that provide bathroom locations are designed to make it easier for you to find nearby bathrooms. The main functions include using Google Maps to mark the location of nearby restrooms and providing photos of the appearance of the restrooms for you to quickly identify. However, different restrooms will have different closing times and cleaning times. If your itinerary passes through a large shopping mall, we would recommend that you take some time to go to the restroom before heading to the next attraction.

Restaurant location, reservation APPs

It is said that there are more than 1,000 restaurants in Causeway Bay and Mong Kok combined, and this does not include restaurants in Central, Tsim Sha Tsui, and other residential areas in Hong Kong. If you rely solely on food reviews from different websites to choose a restaurant, I'm afraid it will take you a long time before you can start eating. In addition, some popular restaurants usually take a long time to queue up. If there are some APPs that can help make reservations, you can buy more time to visit more attractions instead of waiting in front of the restaurant.

Therefore, some websites that provide restaurant information and some APPs that provide reservations and reservations. As long as they are downloaded in advance before departing for Hong Kong, you can mention and select a few restaurants you want to go to, and make reservations through mobile APPs!

Restaurant location, reviews – Openrice

"Openrice" mobile APP and "Openrice.com" are Hong Kong's largest and most comprehensive restaurant review websites. If you want to eat a specific dish today, such as dim sum, Hong Kong-style tea restaurants, etc., you can find many restaurants of the same type on their website. Different information such as the address, business hours, average consumption per person, customer reviews, etc. of each restaurant will be clearly displayed.

You can choose a restaurant you like based on your location and spending budget at that time. Or before going to a certain restaurant, check their menu and consumption budget before deciding whether to go. This will greatly reduce the chance of having an unpleasant dining experience.

However, it is worth noting that "Openrice.com", like other restaurant review websites, has had false ratings in the past, and some newly opened restaurants are more likely to have this situation. Therefore, some Hong Kong people only regard "Openrice.com" as a convenient website for checking restaurant addresses, and do not take the reviews seriously.

Our usual habit of using "Openrice.com" is to check the average consumption per person of different restaurants and quickly take a look at the latest reviews. If the average consumption is not very high and the reviews are not very good or very bad, we will set out to try.

Restaurant Skip the Line APP – THE GULU

I wonder how much time you would be willing to spend queuing for a meal?

No matter in any country, as long as it is a delicious restaurant, you will have to wait in line for a long time. Hong Kong is no exception, especially every time you go to the more popular Hong Kong-style tea restaurants, dim sum restaurants, etc., it is common to spend half an hour queuing.

But when I downloaded the mobile app THE GULU one day, I discovered that many restaurants in Hong Kong accept ticket collection through mobile apps instead of queuing on site. So the next time you travel to Hong Kong, you can open this mobile app first to see if it includes some restaurants you want to visit. If you can make a reservation in advance, you can register a reservation in the mobile APP in advance. When you arrive at the restaurant, you can show the reservation information in the mobile APP to be seated, which is very convenient.

Hong Kong Travel APP Recommended" suitable for free travel commonly used map traffic weather forecast mobile phone APP
By using the restaurant’s queue-free app – THE GULU, you can save a lot of time queuing outside the restaurant. (Click on image to enlarge)

Fast Food Deals – McDonald’s APP

Maybe you are wondering, why do you spend time eating at McDonald's when traveling to Hong Kong? Do you want to download their mobile APP?

Indeed, if you have already decided in advance which restaurant you will visit on your daily itinerary, you will basically not consider going to McDonald’s in Hong Kong. However, if you are looking for some cheaper and more convenient dining options, you can find some of the latest discounts and restaurant locations as long as you open the McDonald's mobile APP.

In McDonald's mobile APP, a set meal is selected for discount every week. In the past, a cup of Coke at HKD $1 and a cup of coffee at HKD $1 were also launched. If you also plan to visit McDonald’s during tea time, don’t forget to download their mobile APP.

Food delivery services – Foodpanda, Deliveroo, Pizza Hut

If you suddenly want to eat after 22:00 late at night, in addition to calling the hotel front desk to arrange Room Service, you can also use some mobile apps that provide food delivery services. For example, Foodpanda, Deliveroo, Pizza Hut, etc. are some of the food delivery service apps commonly used by Hong Kong people.

Of course, there should be several restaurants near your hotel that are open late at night. If you are willing to go to a restaurant late at night, you don’t have to wait hungry for Foodpanda or Deliveroo to deliver food to your hotel room. Instead, you can eat whatever you want.

Hong Kong travel information, Hong Kong shopping discount APPs

If you want to search for some Hong Kong travel information and shopping deals, you may open Google and search different websites immediately. But among the many websites, which websites and mobile apps can allow you to quickly find the information you need?

Travel package deals – Klook

As long as this is not your first time traveling abroad, I believe you must have downloaded the Klook mobile APP.

And when you want to book Hong Kong Airport Express tickets, Hong Kong Disneyland tickets, or buy Octopus cards, book Ngong Ping 360 cable car tickets, Victoria Peak cable car tickets, you can buy them all at once on Klook.com Tickets and attraction tickets that will be used during travel in Hong Kong. In addition, Klook has recently provided an additional 5% discount to travelers who use the mobile app to book tickets for the first time. Just enter the discount code at checkout.BetterOnApp, you can instantly enjoy additional discounts.

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Hong Kong Travel Information – Central Lion Rock

Yes, you guessed it right. As the editor of Central Lion Rock, of course I will not miss this opportunity to advertise.

The goal of Central Lion Rock is to provide you with the most comprehensive, in-depth and authentic Hong Kong travel information. When you open our website, you can find some objective reviews of different attractions, restaurants, and travel experiences. In addition, we will collect for you some of the latest Hong Kong travel package deals and the current situation of Hong Kong, so that you can be more fully prepared before traveling to Hong Kong, and then get a unique itinerary experience in Hong Kong!

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Compare prices before shopping – Price.com.hk

Price.com.hk is one of Hong Kong's largest shopping information websites. You can find the prices of the latest models of mobile phones, cameras, and headphones in different stores on their website. If you are going to buy a lot of electronic products in Hong Kong during this trip, you can check in advance which store sells the cheapest items, so you can save time on traveling to different stores.

Communication Mobile APP

Communication mobile APPs are very important when traveling in Hong Kong. In addition to allowing you to keep in touch with relatives and friends, you can also get immediate assistance when you need emergency services.

In addition, you need a mobile Internet SIM card during your trip to Hong Kong, so that you can call hotels, restaurants, or some emergency services anytime and anywhere. If you haven't chosen which mobile Internet SIM card to buy, you can refer to this comparison article on WiFi solutions vs mobile Internet SIM cards.

More Hong Kong mobile phone SIM card information: Hong Kong Tourist Prepaid SIM Card: Everything You Need to Know

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Free WiFi Service – Wi-Fi.HK

If you want to use Hong Kong’s free Wi-Fi services but don’t know the location of Hong Kong’s WiFi hotspots, as long as you download the Wi-Fi.HK mobile APP, you can connect to all free networks provided at those Wi-Fi hotspots.

The most attractive thing about Wi-Fi.HK is that there are more than 19,000 hotspots throughout Hong Kong. Their free Wi-Fi service can be used in some popular tourist attractions, convenience stores, and fast food restaurants. For those of you who often send videos and live broadcast on social media, you must download this mobile APP before leaving for Hong Kong!

Free calls to Hong Kong – Skype

Travelers often share with us the difficulties they encounter when calling Hong Kong hotels or making restaurant reservations. Among them, because the charges for calling to Hong Kong are not cheap, I missed the opportunity to experience a high-end restaurant without making a reservation in advance.

However, as long as you download Skype, you can perfectly solve this problem.

Because you only need to connect your mobile phone to the Internet, you can use Skype to make calls to any phone number in Hong Kong. The average charge per minute is only about HKD $0.2, which is very cheap. In addition, as long as all your friends have installed Skype, you can make free phone calls home and enjoy free voice communication with friends during your trip to Hong Kong. Whether you want to share the night view of Victoria Harbor or ask about some souvenirs you want to buy, it is equally convenient.

Call Hong Kong-Hong Kong Travel APP-Skype
After downloading the Skype mobile APP, you can call people in different countries anytime and anywhere. (Click on image to enlarge)

Emergency number – 999

If unfortunately an accident occurs while traveling in Hong Kong and you need help from the police or emergency medical services, just call the emergency rescue hotline "999" and you will receive assistance in a short time. However, if you were in a hotel or restaurant at the time, and you did not need first aid because of an injury, you can ask the on-site staff for help first, and they will find the most appropriate solution for you.

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Which mobile apps must be downloaded when traveling in Hong Kong? To put it simply, map information APPs, transportation planning APPs, restaurant location APPs, and reservation APPs are all commonly used mobile APPs during travel in Hong Kong. Hong Kong travel information APPs and Hong Kong shopping discount APPs are some mobile APPs that must be downloaded before traveling to Hong Kong.

To put it simply, if you don’t want to spend time researching, you can download all the mobile APPs shared in today’s article, and you can find the information you need at any time when you set off to Hong Kong.

Finally, we areHong Kong Travel InformationAmong the categories, we have prepared the latest and most complete Hong Kong travel information for you. It includes attraction planning, accommodation recommendations, ticket discounts, etc. I believe you can get a unique Hong Kong travel experience this time.

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No matter you are traveling to Hong Kong for the first time, or you are a person who has lived in Hong Kong for a long time, I believe you can find some useful Hong Kong travel information on this website.

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