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Central Lion Rock is a Hong Kong travel information-themed website.On the one hand, it provides travelers with different types of practical information, and on the other hand, it uses a variety of data analysis technologies to accurately present the products of different merchants in front of readers.

Central Lion Rock provides content in multiple languages, catering to the needs of travelers from different countries, and provides desktop and mobile versions. Users can browse the travel information and related products they need at any time and anywhere.

另一方面,Central Lion Rock 單月瀏覽量高達120000。相比起大部分個人旅遊部落格,我們都可以更有效地為商家帶來更多精準的流量。

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Central Lion Rock

Good at data analysis and accurately connecting users to your store

Through search engine optimization technology, your products can accurately appear in popular search keywords;
Help you fill the gap in search traffic and further explore different markets

Why advertise on Central Lion Rock?

  • Each of our content articles undergoes detailed data analysis to accurately meet the user's search intent and achieve better rankings in popular keywords.
  • By relying on your articles to achieve better rankings in search engines, your products and services will receive more effective exposure.
  • Compared with advertising on social platforms, we can provide more accurate and customized cooperation solutions.
  • We love Hong Kong and promoting the products of local Hong Kong merchants to the world is our core value.

More advertising cooperation options

We provide a variety of advertising display solutions, including (but not limited to): embedded article advertising, writing SEO format articles, brand promotion articles, website promotion banners, email promotion, digital marketing strategy services, etc.
Check out more advertising cooperation options:  centralionrock@gmail.com (Ryu_C, editorial affairs and marketing management)

Central Lion Rock, is a website dedicated to introducing Hong Kong tourist information.


No matter you are traveling to Hong Kong for the first time, or you are a person who has lived in Hong Kong for a long time, I believe you can find some useful Hong Kong travel information on this website.

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