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Hello and welcome to our website, Central Lion Rock, aka centralionrock.com.

Why was Central Lion Rock founded?

On this website, you can find practical information related to Hong Kong tourist attractions and Hong Kong free travel, and it is the most in-depth and closest to the daily life of authentic residents. In addition, we all hope to bring you more special itinerary recommendations that go deep into different cultures and customs in Hong Kong, so that you can get a completely different travel experience.

More importantly, as people who love Hong Kong and have lived in Hong Kong for a long time, we all hope to be a bridge between overseas tourists and local small businesses. On the one hand, it will bring more different new travel experiences to tourists. On the other hand, it will bring more traffic to different businesses, so that different people and groups can benefit from traveling in Hong Kong and share different experiences. information.

At the same time, Central and Lion Rock are also an important part of the spirit of Hong Kong and Hong Kong people, so we believe that the name Central Lion Rock can better express our feelings for Hong Kong.

Central Lion Rock's Promise to You

As an information platform website, the content is free and open to tourists who plan to visit Hong Kong. However, it is also based on operational needs, so advertisements and marketing content will be placed in the middle of the content to subsidize some necessary expenses of the website. Of course, we will still put the passenger experience as the top priority, and only some reliable and trustworthy products will get the chance to be recommended. If you have any comments, please contact us by email.

In addition, if you are a local store and are interested in promoting different products and services to tourists, you are very welcome to contact us. We will provide you with the traffic data, promotion suggestions, content creation and other services you need. Welcome to inquire with us by email.

How to contact Central Lion Rock

For any itinerary, attractions, or business issues, you can contact us through the following methods.

e-mail: centralionrock@gmail.com

Facebook Instant Messaging: Central Lion Rock

Central Lion Rock, is a website dedicated to introducing Hong Kong tourist information.


No matter you are traveling to Hong Kong for the first time, or you are a person who has lived in Hong Kong for a long time, I believe you can find some useful Hong Kong travel information on this website.

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