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Hong Kong Tourist Prepaid SIM Card: All-in-One Card for HK & Macau and China

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Hong Kong phone SIM card selection reduced?

In the past, there were really many mobile Internet solutions to choose from in Hong Kong. There were more than ten network providers alone, and each company had different plans for you to choose from. For those of you who are preparing to travel to Hong Kong, there is no need to worry about which Hong Kong travel SIM card you want. You can just buy one at a convenience store and use it immediately.

However, starting from March 1, 2022, the Hong Kong Communications Authority announced that all newly purchased phone SIM cards must undergo real-name registration procedures. Now there are more different factors to choose a suitable Hong Kong travel phone SIM card. Need to consider.

To put it simply, you can't go to a nearby convenience store to buy a phone SIM card after arriving at your hotel in Hong Kong like before. Instead, you need to book some phone SIM card plans before departing for Hong Kong, so as to ensure that there is enough inventory, and there are store staff who can assist you in the real-name registration process for the phone SIM card.

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Hong Kong Travel Internet SIM Card-Real Name Registration-Time: March 1, 2022
Starting from March 1, 2022, all Hong Kong travel phone SIM cards require real-name registration procedures. (Click on image to enlarge)

The latest Internet SIM card solution suitable for Hong Kong travel

Since all Hong Kong travel SIM cards now require real-name registration, some small network providers have decided to stop selling some previously popular Hong Kong travel SIM cards. Especially those for short distance trips, offering phone SIM cards with only 1 day validity, 3 day validity, and some of the cheapest and lowest priced phone SIM cards. Basically, it is no longer possible to buy Internet SIM cards that offer different plan options.

To put it simply, if you come to Hong Kong after March 1, 2022, there are only Hong Kong travel SIM cards from a few large network providers to choose from, such as 3HK, CSL, China Mobile Hong Kong, etc., which generally provide 5 Days – 7 days phone SIM plan can be booked.

However, many of these phone SIM card solutions purchased from large network providers require you to handle real-name registration procedures yourself. Only a small number of phone SIM card plans have on-site services to assist with real-name registration. If you are not very good at mobile phone operation and registration process, even if you buy a very cheap Hong Kong mobile phone SIM card, you may have to spend a lot of time to go through the real-name registration process, and there is no guarantee that it can be used.

On the other hand, you can consider booking a China Mobile 7-day Internet SIM card picked up at the Hong Kong Airport. You can ask the store clerk to help you complete all the real-name registration procedures and activate network services. In this way, you can enjoy the scenery of Tsing Ma Bridge while driving to the city, instead of wasting time reading instructions for real-name registration procedures.

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SIM Card Recommendation for Traveling in Hong Kong" No need HKD $10 a day!
Among different phone SIM card plans, it is recommended to use China Mobile’s 7-day Internet SIM card network plan. (Click on the image to learn more)

Features of China Mobile Hong Kong’s 7-day Internet SIM Card

What are the requirements for an Internet SIM card suitable for Hong Kong travel itinerary? For general Hong Kong travel itineraries, this phone SIM card can meet two important conditions, namely sufficient data limit and reasonable price.

This China Mobile Hong Kong 7-day Internet SIM card includes 7GB Hong Kong data usage + 1GB China/Macau data usage. The validity period of the above-mentioned Internet SIM card is sufficient for some three-day and two-night itineraries and five-day and four-night itineraries in Hong Kong. Even if you plan to stay in Hong Kong for 7 to 14 days, you only need to purchase two Internet SIM cards to meet the needs of any length of trip.

In terms of data usage, as long as you do not download a large number of videos every day or frequently host live broadcasts on social media, but simply search for nearby restaurants and attraction locations, or browse the web and share photos to social media, you will basically be able to use it within 7 days. The 7GB of data usage will not be used up within a day. Even if you want to make a Video Call to a friend or watch YouTube while eating, free Wi-Fi services are actually provided in most shopping malls, attractions, restaurants, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Hong Kong Ocean Park.

In addition, you may only arrange a trip within 5 days this time, which means that you can use this 7-day 7GB Hong Kong Internet SIM card as a 5-day 7GB network plan, or a 3-day 7GB network plan , on average, 1.5GB – 2GB of data can be used every day. If calculated based on this amount, even if you want to share a real-time video of the night view of Victoria Harbor with friends at the Tsim Sha Tsui Pier, it is definitely enough.

Hong Kong Travel APP Recommended" suitable for free travel commonly used map traffic weather forecast mobile phone APP
7GB Hong Kong data usage is enough to search for different information during your trip to Hong Kong. (Click on the image to learn more)

Besides,This Internet SIM card also includes a 200-minute Hong Kong local call limit and 1GB China/Macau data usage.. You can make a call at any time to change your reservation at a restaurant or hotel when necessary, or you can also arrange a one-day trip to China/Macau.And you don’t need to pay any deposit or return it to use this Internet SIM card. You just need to put it into your phone after purchase and you can use it immediately.. In terms of user experience, this China Mobile Hong Kong 7-day plan is much more convenient than most Wi-Fi sharing solutions.

Finally, there is the price of this Internet SIM card. The price of this Internet SIM card is about HKD $70 – HKD $80.Calculated based on a 7-day Hong Kong travel itinerary, you can basically use a high-speed Internet SIM card for less than HK$$10 per day.

This Internet SIM card can be purchased at some convenience stores and network providers in Hong Kong. However, if you book on Klook, you are guaranteed to have it in stock.And you can arrange to pick it up at the Hong Kong Airport, and you can also get extra discounts and points discounts. The most important thing is that there are staff at the pick-up counter to help you set up an Internet SIM card.

China Mobile Hong Kong’s 7-day Internet SIM card plan includes:

7-day data usage: 7GB high-speed data in Hong Kong (unlimited use at 384Kbps thereafter), 1GB data in China and Macau
200 minutes Hong Kong voice call quota: Make voice calls to any phone number in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Airport counter collection: There are store clerks on site to help set up and go through the real-name registration procedures.

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Hong Kong Travel Mobile Internet SIM Card-Airport Pickup

Unlimited Hong Kong Data / Hong Kong Airport Pickup
Hong Kong 7-Day Travel SIM Card
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Is the Wi-Fi share solution still worth considering?

In addition to the Internet SIM card just now that is suitable for travel in Hong Kong, you may also find that there are some Wi-Fi sharing plans that sell unlimited data for you to book. In terms of charges and speed, it seems to be similar to an online SIM card, but it can be shared with multiple people at the same time, and there is no limit on data usage.

Of course, if you come to Hong Kong for a business meeting this time, an unlimited Wi-Fi sharer network plan can enable you to use video conferencing anytime and anywhere. But for some itineraries whose main purpose is sightseeing, it may not be the best travel network solution.

The reason why it is not recommended to use the Wi-Fi sharing solution is that you need to spend time to pick up and return the Wi-Fi device, and you also need to pay a large deposit. In addition, you need to keep this Wi-Fi device carefully. If it is unfortunately lost, not only will you not be able to access the Internet during the trip, but you will also need to compensate the Wi-Fi device supplier. Unlike when you lose a regular Internet SIM card, you only need to go to a convenience store to buy a new Internet SIM card and you can use it immediately.

To put it simply, if you expect to use a lot of data, for example, if you use more than 3GB a day, you don’t need to worry about the data limit when using the Wi-Fi sharer solution. You can also share it with computers and mobile phones for simultaneous use. The disadvantages are that it takes time to return the Wi-Fi device, you also have to pay a deposit, and the Wi-Fi device rental is relatively high.

However, if you only have one mobile phone and your trip in Hong Kong is only 3 to 5 days, it would be more suitable to buy a Hong Kong 7-day Internet SIM card.

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Hong Kong travel WiFi sharing solution-klook Hong Kong WiFi
Wi-Fi sharing solutionIt is more suitable for trips that require a large amount of network data for a long time. (Click on the image to learn more)


In summary, Internet SIM cards and Wi-Fi sharer solutions have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you come to Hong Kong with friends this time and may go to different places during the trip, buy one for each personInternet SIM card for Hong Kong travelYou can stay in touch anytime, anywhere. The Wi-Fi sharing solution is more suitable for travelers traveling to Hong Kong alone. Especially for travelers who need to frequently host live broadcasts and use video conferencing, they don’t have to worry about data limits.

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